At the beginning of February 2014 was summed up last testing new Russian top-level domain – .rus. According to the representatives of ICANN, which, strictly speaking, is engaged in the primary test a new domain zone, all the technical tests .rus was successful.

We remind you, ICANN manages the domain zones in the World Wide Web Internet.

Very soon will be delegated, or so-called appearance .rus – new domain zone of the first level in the web-system address space. E. .rus Work will begin a few days ago. This means that very soon everyone web-master could register their Internet resources in the new Cyrillic domain zone.

Administer the new Russian domain zone will be the company “Russian Names”.

The main purpose of the address space .rus is to unite the world of Russian-speaking Internet community support in promoting the Russian language and culture in the World Wide Web.

Full Internet space .rus will be after it is registered sufficient number of web-resources. Will be able to do it all online users, regardless of the place of residence, nationality or citizenship.

“At this point in the Internet there is a sufficiently large number of Russian-speaking population, identify themselves with Russian culture. Proof of this is a huge amount of domain names in .ru, which has about 5 million Russian sites, “- said the company’s employees” Russian Names “.

By the beginning of spring 2014 will take full delegation of the new Russian-language domain zone upper level .rus. At the beginning of the second quarter of 2014 will be held on priority registration web-resources in the area .rus.

Back in 2012 the Russian Federation recognized as one of the few countries in the world, zaimevshih national top-level domain .rf. Today, this address space is listed among the leaders of the fastest growing areas of the world the national domain of the first level.


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